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Internet is a new and rising technology, that today can be found in almost every home. For the past years, we tried to bring art to your home by television and radio, and hopefully we succeeded, but today the world is a modern communication center and millions users browse the internet seeking and finding their interests.

For that reason, on our web pages we will try to combine modern art of web design and intuitive ideas that will guide you , we hope, to end of your seeking for art on web , and old-fashioned smell of wooden frames and the glow of oil-on-canvas paintings that you admire, or you personally don't fancy.

Because art is so pure and simple, we don't want bother you anymore, so we now let you enjoy many painters featured on our website such as Branko Bahunek, Branko Budimir, Dimitrije Popovic, Dragana Bojic Nikolic, Dragica Cvek Jordan, Duro Pulitika, Edo Murtic, Fadil Vejzovic, Fahrudin Sadic, France Slana, Irena Polanec, Ivan Lackovic-Croata, Ivan Rabuzin, Ivica Sisko, Izvor Oreb, Josip Vanista,Mersad Berber, Mladen Veza, Morena Brncic, Olja Ivanjicki, Oton Gliha, Sergej Aparin, Smiljan Popovic, Vasilije Josip Jordan, Zlatko Prica... etc.

We hope that that our WebSite will be the end of your long search for art on Web, but if it isn't so, or if you have any questions or answers you want to share with us just email us, and we'll gladly help you.

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