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Branko Bahunek - biography

Born 1935 in Zagreb, Croatia, the second of five children of Antun Bahunek, a noted painter. Studied at Arts-and-crafts school in his native town. Under Professor Šebalj's mentorship commenced to find a particular manner of expression and to grow into a marked painter. Since 1970 member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists and is engaged in painting professionally. Exhibited in 53 one-man shows and participated in about 370 group shows, almost all over the world. Won many recognitions and prizes in the country and abroad, among others 3rd prize (bronze medal) of the XVIIe Salon International Paris-Sud in 1976.
Branko Bahunek died on 05.09.2005.

Bahunek - paintings | Click on the paining to get larger preview
Lady IV
Formata 40x60 cm

price: 350 €
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