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Charles Billich - biography

From the White House to the Vatican, the collection of Presidents and Kings

Sydney-based artist Charles Billich is one of the most prominent living Australian painters. In a career spanning some forty years, he has exhibited at some of the world’s best venues and has been an honoured guest and resident artist on many occasions. From the Vatican Museum to the White House, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne to His Majesty King George V Tupou Palace in Tonga, the Red Cross Museum in Geneva to numerous university, government, corporate and private collections, Charles Billich has an eclectic and ubiquitous following.

“There is a touch of irony in what I paint as there is in all contemporary surreal art, my lingua franca for articulating the vast gamma of emotions and impulses inherent to mystic creations” Charles Billich.
About Charles Billich

The irrepressible Billich attributes his world-wide and eclectic acceptance to his audacious versatility, candor and persistence.

He does not conform to dogma, be it ideological, cultural or aesthetic.

Billich reinvents himself periodically with ground breaking, unpredictable, sometimes provocative, most times fascinating, epiphanies.

The complexities of his thematic choice reflect a turbulent life journey.

He has a rare ability to faithfully translate his creative ideas from his imagination onto canvas, thanks to skills only granted to those willing to submit to punishing yet exhilarating labour.

Having an empty canvas Billich can hardly wait to actually enter into it and to create something which is almost tangible, to create an illusion, to express an emotion and say what he wants to say.

He vents all his frustrations onto the canvas and the canvas, most of the time, is actually grateful. In return it gives him a result that is beyond his expectations.

Billich maintains that dedication is the foundation of geniality, that discipline determines inspiration, and that it takes focus to materialise the vision.

Billich - paintings | Click on the paining to get larger preview
60x50 cm

price: 250 €
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